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Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal  

Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal (ISSN 1543-9925) is published three times annually by the Society for Catholic Liturgy and serves both the members of the Society and the Catholic Church in Anglophone countries.  



Members of the Society for Catholic Liturgy receive Antiphon with their membership. If you are a member of the Society and are not receiving Antiphon, be sure the publishers have your current mailing information by sending it to the address below, and be sure that your dues are current (see the Membership page for details). Annual subscriptions (which begin each year with the first issue) are available to non-members in the United States for U.S. $20.00. Annual subscriptions to be mailed to Canada are U.S. $26.00, and subscriptions to be mailed overseas are U.S. $28.00. Back issues from Volume 1 (1996) to date are available for U.S. $7.00 each. Please send a check or money order payable to “The Society for Catholic Liturgy” to the address below.  


Antiphon Subscriptions/Back Issues

3050 Gap Knob Road

New Hope, KY 40052


 Article Submissions

Submissions of articles to Antiphon are welcome from members of the Society and from non-members. Authors must format their submissions according to the Guidelines. Book reviews should be sent directly to the Book Review Editor. All other submissions should be sent to the



 Book and Music Reviews

All inquiries regarding Book and Music Reviews should be directed to the Book Review Editor.  Publishers are also invited to submit books and music recordings to this address for inclusion in the "Books Received" section of Antiphon and for possible reviews in the journal.



 Contents of Issues


 Editorial Advisory Board of Antiphon 

  • Fr Thomas Kocik,

  • Fr Michael Heintz,

  • Robert Gowell

  • Roger Nutt

  • James McCrery

  • Tim Woods


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